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We believe in challenging convention. We’re eradicating the existing barriers that currently make cryptocurrencies inaccessible to professional investors, thereby creating new alpha opportunities.

The lack of infrastructure is keeping institutions away from crypto-assets. Inflexible architectural design is preventing trading opportunities and causing security concerns.

Moreover, few regulated custodial solutions exist outside of the US, and governance controls do not conform to industry requirements. These Custodians haven’t yet developed platforms to feel like the financial services trading tools professional investors are used to.

Infinite Alpha combines the power of blockchain with crypto-assets to ensure the alpha potential can be captured 24×7, securely, rapidly and transparently.


We have a unique team with vast breadth and depth of experience across financial services, cryptography & blockchain, enterprise IT, leadership, design thinking and communications. Our absolute focus is on developing a platform that delivers new alpha to professional investors. The technology, however complex, is not an end in itself.

Infinite Alpha has worked closely with international advocacy, branding and communications consultancy Leidar, led by Charlie Pryor and Christoph Geppert.

Christhi Theiss

Co-Founder, COO

Former Head of European Sales in Capital Markets, Christhi combines over a decade in Tier1 investment banks covering institutional clients with a successful fintech trajectory as founder and C-level executive in various startups in the US and Europe.

Chris Thomas

Founder, CEO

Ex-Head of European Innovation at Fidelity Investments, serial entrepreneur, both B2B and B2C. Sales/trading at UBS, BNP Paribas and Soc Gen.

Carl Weir

Strategic Advisor

Former advisor to Cardano and in the C-suite at UpHold, CrossVerify and SmilePass. Ex-Head of Cross-Asset Connectivity at HSBC.

Patrick Howell

Head of Performance management

Advisor to International organisations and the US Department of Defence. Former Corporate Initiatives Director at the Dale Carnegie training organisation.

Jarrah Lim

PR & Marketing

Social media and PR expert. Ex-Marketing Manager for Cryptocrest.

Peter O’Boyle

Business Analyst

Former Private Equity Intern at CLSA. MAs from the Universities of St Andrews and British Columbia.

Technology Advisors

Our technology advisors have many years experience across financial services and various technology platforms.

Alexander Grots

Head of Design

Founder of Bashiru, delivering design thinking and innovation, and of several IoT startups. Ex-Head of IDEO Germany.

Lutz Meyer

PR, Communications Advisor

35 years PR and communications experience. Ex-President of International Operations at Weber Shandwick and currently Senior Consultant at Geneva-headquartered communications consultancy Leidar.

Institutional Custody

Keeping crypto-assets safe is very challenging and requires specialist technical knowledge to mitigate a significant risk of financial loss. This presents a significant and costly challenge for anyone holding a large amount of cryptocurrency or digital assets.

Infinite Alpha takes these risks very seriously. Our emphasis is on engineering a trusted solution for anyone with sizeable crypto-asset holdings, protected by the most stringent, state-of-the-art cybersecurity measures including authentication, encryption, hardware security modules and robust controls.

Our custody solution will provide industry-leading performance including the fastest asset retrieval/deposit capability, limited only by the time needed for clients to complete their approvals and controls. Infinite Alpha’s customer centric, intuitive dashboard interface makes it easy for users to perform typical activities such as accessing account details, balances and transaction histories.

Our institutional custody services will provide military-grade security measures and controls to ensure that assets are always highly secure. Only clients can access their custody assets subject to the policies and controls they define. No employees of Infinite Alpha have any control over or access to client crypto-assets.

A wide range of flexible controls including multiple approvers, authorization limits and wallet freezing. Infinite Alpha’s secure HSM-protected runtime adds another layer of security.

Our solution is engineered to the highest security standards and designed with financial institutions in mind. All client assets are protected by our AI-powered cyberdefense capabilities, which will continuously monitor and detect potential threats across our infrastructure.

Unique key protection solution based on hardware security modules, trusted by leading banks and financial institutions today. This tamper-proof hardware is compliant with the FIPS 140-2 Level 3 standard for hardware root of trust. We also implement dynamic AI-powered anti-fraud technology which ensures you are always protected.

Our leading-edge smart compliance capabilities is focused on enabling the professional investor to meet the most robust global regulatory standards. The transparency and immutability of our hybrid blockchain provides an added layer of trust.

Compliance capabilities include advanced biometrics, KYC and AML verifications and monitoring along with collaborating with various law enforcement organisations. We also comply with numerous standards such as SOC 2 (under SSAE 18), ISO 27001, ISO 50001 and PCI DSS. Regular independent audits will be conducted.


OTC Trading

We provide an exclusive OTC trading service tailored to the needs of the professional investor. All trading carried out by professional traders with extensive financial markets experience.

Please note that all trades on the Infinite Alpha OTC Desk start at 100,000 USD.

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